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Product Lists
Name Specification
Recombinant Human Erythropoietin(rhEPO)

rhEPO bulk(concentrated solution);
rhEPO ready to fill solution: 2000IU/ml ,3000IU/ml, 4000IU/ml, 6000IU/ml,10000IU/ml;
rhEPO  Injection (solution)
2000IU/vial; 2000IU/ Prefilled syringe 
3000IU/vial; 3000IU/Prefilled syringe
4000IU/vial; 4000IU/Prefilled syringe;
6000IU/vial; 6000IU/Prefilled syringe;
10000IU/vial, 10000IU/Prefiled syringe

Reteplase Lyophilized Powder

rPA bulk;    
rPA ready to fill solution;
rPA injection( Lyophilized Powder Form)


Etanercept, Recombinant Humanized TNFR2-Fc fusion protein

In bulk
Ready to fill solution;
Etanercept injection( Lyophilized Powder Form):

Recombinant Human Parathyroid Hormone (1-34)

In bulk
Ready to fill solution;

Recombinant Human Interferon α-2b

á-2b Bulk;
á-2b ready to fill;
á-2b Injection (Lyophilized powder Form ):
3MIU/vial;5MIU/vial, 6MIU/vial


Recombinant Human Interferon α-2a

á-2a Bulk;
á-2a ready to fill solution;
á-2a Injection( Solution, Lyophilized Powder Form):
1MIU/vial;3MIU/vial, 5MIU/vial

Recombinant human Filgrastim(rhGCSF)

rhGCSF bulk;
rhGCSF ready to fill solution;
rhGCSF Injection(solution):
75ug/vial; 75ug /Prefilled syringe 
150ug/vial; 150ug /Prefilled syringe 
300ug/vial; 300ug /Prefilled syringe

Recombinant human thrombopoietin (TPO )

rhTPO Injection(solution):
7,500 units/vial:15,000 units/vial.

Recombinant human Insulin

Finished injection(solution)